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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stitchy Sunday

First thing, let me introduce everyone to a new stitchy blogger! Meet Lisa! Please go visit her new blog and wish her well in her new adventure! BTW, She's got cute cows...

Today I plan to do little more than stitch. It was a very busy day on Saturday so I'm going to be selfish today. I finished most of my household chores yesterday morning so I wouldn't have all of it to do today! Just some laundry left to do...yay!

I made it to the Silver Needle for my needed stash. ~That answers Lisa's question!~ I picked up the threads I needed~not shown in the photo since they are for an exchange. I also got a few things that caught my eye...oh dear! The blue quarter of fabric is for the backing on the pinkeep in my last post...do you think it suits? I didn't think to bring my piece with yesterday... I couldn't resist the LHN charts after seeing them stitched up on others' blogs. The Trilogy charts are simply darling and I wants-ed thems. *grin*

I had to get the Knotted Tree's Star of David Topiary for my sister even though it's charted to stitch in silks~and I can't use silk. I am substituting the Silk 'n Color's thread Midnight Cobalt for Weeks Dye Works Father's Day. I hope that works! By the way, I am not Jewish but my sister is and I cannot resist charts that suit her!

After stash shopping Rick took me to the Olive Garden. Yum, we both ordered the Tour of Italy plate with lasagna, chicken Parmesan and fettucini alfredo. Best of all (well, not better than stash but...) OUR TALONS WON last nights game~woohoo! That puts our record at 6-0 as yet UNDEFEATED!!! ***happy dances around*** We finally received our Arena Cup Champions 2007 t-shirts last night. I'm washing them up right now.

Bye for now***I'm off to stitch. A big thanks to everyone leaving comments. You really, really make my day!


Rachael said...

Ooo lots of lovely stash enjoy stitching them!!
I do like that fabric,very pretty!
Congrats on your team winning!

Scotstitcher said...

I;m drooling you got to visit the Silver Needle and buy lots of pretty stash. Can;t wait to see it all stitched up.


Annie said...

How cool to live near the Silver Needle. What a temptation. You got some nice things. I think the fabric will work perfectly.

staci said...

Sounds like a very fun outing with yummy stash and food!

Hope you had fun stitching the day away :)

Marita said...

Ooooh lots of fantastic stash there. I love the LHN designs.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Lelia said...

Oh charming pattern selections for your stash. I like the Trilogy Round Robin -- awesome. Which are you stitching first???

Karen said...

nice stash!!!

Lisa said...

AWWW thanks for the introduction, Sharon. Like the stash. Love that SN. hehe